June 2010

My motherland is srilanka .it is in the indion ocean .My motherland is a very beautiful. It is an island. It has hot and colg weather. My country is in the asian continent. there are a main rivers in sri lanka. Mahavali is the longest river.piduruthalagalais the heighest mountain. peradeniya is the most interesting garden. We expurt three main crops which are rubber and coconut,teafarming is the main occupatian of the people in my country. I love my country forever.


my best friend is dasun tharaka . He is eleven years old . His village is hakmana . His mother’s name is Kusuma his favourite food is ice cream . His favourite drink is milk . his favourit game is cricket . His father is farmer . He is verry kind . His brother’s name is Tlina . His fvourit subject is English . His hous is butiful . His pet is dog . He have two sisters and  one brothers . He is clever.