The eastern filing squirrel live in north America. Flying squirrel do not really fly .Instead They use a flap of skin on each side of their bodies to glide from tree to tree.

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Mdduma bandara was only eight years old .his elder brother was eleven. he has a baby sister day the had been called to the palace .he was thinking ,why is no one smiling with us today ?on other days when i came with my father Ehelephola nilame people tolled to me they stroked my had and asked me meny questions.

Lullabies are generally sung to put infants  to sleep to lull is to soothe or send  to sleep there are lullabies in every language It  may not be possible to lull a child to sleep by singing a lullaby that belongs to another  language The sound may not be soothing even the “story” may not be soothing read this English lullaby and listen to the sound

Vesak falls on the month of May. Lord Buddha was born,enlightened and passed away on a vesak day. It is very important to buddhists in the world. On full moon vesak day.

We can them in our gardens. They fly from

flower to flower for sucking nectar. They are

very clever insects.There are three kinds of

bees. The most important of these is the queen

and she is the rural of the hive. other one is

drove . He is a lasy fellow. Worket bees do all

the work in the hive. such as gathering honney

from the flowers, prepare the wax,build the

cells,feed the young and guard their home and

the queen. They produce the honney. It is very

nutritious and delicious.

My pet is cat. Its name is Rosy. It is very beautiful. She can run very fast. Her faveurite food is rice. Her favourite drink is milk. She is fat like me. She has two kittens. she is black,and shine. I love my pet. She loves me too very much.

My village is Wepathaira. It is a ver beautiful village. It is a developing village. Farming of  is the main occupation of the people. It is in the southren province Matara dictrict. We have a clean environment cool climite. there is a ancient temple.A school in the village. coconut, Padd are the main crops grown by the people in my village