The common dolphin is found worldwide in tropical and warm waters. dolphins usually travel in schools of up to hundreds or even thousands .


Mdduma bandara was only eight years old .his elder brother was eleven. he has a baby sister day the had been called to the palace .he was thinking ,why is no one smiling with us today ?on other days when i came with my father Ehelephola nilame people tolled to me they stroked my had and asked me meny questions.

Sir lank has been famous for gems tones from the earliest tums. It is  and importunate export trade today many erase in the sabaragamuwa prov ins are well know for gems  Rathnapura is the most impotent region for gems

Dutugamunu was a great king. He was born in the Ruhunurata.His father was king Kavanthissa and motherwas queenViharamahadevi. he had only one brother. He was Tissa. prince Dutugamunu had a religious education

The butterfly is an insect. It is very pretty. It has tow pairs  of wings. some wings are more colorful. In the morning it flies from flowers and sucks nectar.Its body is thin and long. It has six legs. During the season of pilgrimage of sir pads the butterfly flies to sir pads with his friends.

The elephant is the biggest animal on the earth. It has a huge body it is a strong animal with flexible trunk,large ears, short tail and thick legs. Its eyes are very small. Some elephants have tusks.These are valuable.Hunters kill elephants for the tusks. Elephants live in herds.

My pet is cat. Its name is Rosy. It is very beautiful. She can run very fast. Her faveurite food is rice. Her favourite drink is milk. She is fat like me. She has two kittens. she is black,and shine. I love my pet. She loves me too very much.