The eastern filing squirrel live in north America. Flying squirrel do not really fly .Instead They use a flap of skin on each side of their bodies to glide from tree to tree.

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The common dolphin is found worldwide in tropical and warm waters. dolphins usually travel in schools of up to hundreds or even thousands .

Mdduma bandara was only eight years old .his elder brother was eleven. he has a baby sister day the had been called to the palace .he was thinking ,why is no one smiling with us today ?on other days when i came with my father Ehelephola nilame people tolled to me they stroked my had and asked me meny questions.

Lullabies are generally sung to put infants  to sleep to lull is to soothe or send  to sleep there are lullabies in every language It  may not be possible to lull a child to sleep by singing a lullaby that belongs to another  language The sound may not be soothing even the “story” may not be soothing read this English lullaby and listen to the sound

Sir lank has been famous for gems tones from the earliest tums. It is  and importunate export trade today many erase in the sabaragamuwa prov ins are well know for gems  Rathnapura is the most impotent region for gems

The penguin is a bird . Found only in Antarctica. The Arctic term is a bird which lays eggs in the far north during the brief Arctic summer. It then migrates to the Antarctica during the northern winter In this way it enjoys two season

My favourite Animal is Parrot.It can speek.It is green.It is eat fruit.It eyes is red.It like eat fruit.It very beautiful animal.